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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Available! New Books and DVDs about miniature Horses.

Miniature Horse Manual for New Owners Small Horse Press BookCompletely updated and revised, Miniature Horse Manual for New Owners is a terrific starter book packed with all the necessary information that any new Miniature Horse owner needs and wants - RIGHT NOW! Written by equine professionals specifically for new owners. 148 pages with plenty of new illustrations and photographs. Includes loose masters for photocopying: Miniature Horse Health Record and Miniature Horse Breeding Record.

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Training and Showing Miniature Horses in Halter Classes Pat Elder Small Horse Press

Training & Showing Miniature Horses in Halter

Pat Elder brings her unique teaching methods to the subject of training a halter miniature horse in this excellent how-to book for Miniature Horse owners. Using her well-known natural and humane methods, Pat walks the reader through every step of the process. Over 90 photographs and illustration emphasize every point the author makes.

The table of contents provides a peek at what's included:
  • Selecting the halter horse: conformation, movement, foals as prospects, bloodlines
  • Basic training: dealing with disrespectful, pushy, frightened, or head-shy horses; catching the horse, leading the horse; kicking and biting, crowding
  • Condition: round pen work, jumping, backing, movement enhancers, neck sweats
  • Halter horse care: nutrition, water, housing, blanketing
  • Special training: setting the feet, using the neck, pricking the ears, learning  patience, a flat toppling, the quick release knot; showing stallions, loading onto a trailer
  • Body Clipping: the head, razoring, the mane and tail, the ears
  • First show: show clothes, horse attire, entering the show, show supplies
  • Show time: preparing the stalls, measuring the horse, final preparations
  • The halter class: visualization, class procedures, setting up the horse, show ring etiquette
  • Winning
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Train Miniature Horses to Drive Pat Elder Small Horse Press

Training Your Miniature Horse to Drive by Pat Elder is an outstanding instructional book for teaching a miniature horse to drive. Includes many tips for choosing the right horse, working in a round pen, teaching sensitivity and responsiveness, learning to long-line and ground drive. The author gives important information on selecting and using equipment, understanding side reins and bits, the parts of the harness and cart, and other equipment for advanced driving. The book finishes with a full chapter about showing miniature horses and what exhibitors need to know. The book is filled with excellent photographs and diagrams.

Table of Contents
  • Author's Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Choosing the Driving Prospect
  • Chapter 2: Beginning Training in the Round Pen – The disrespectful or pushy horse; Overcoming fear in the frightened horse; The hard-to-catch horse; Horses that kick; Biting horses and head-shy horses; Another benefit of round pen work; Training stallions
  • Chapter 3: Getting Your Horse Sensitive and Responsive – Problems with leading and tying; Teach him to give his head
  • Chapter 4: Equipment and How to Use It
  • Chapter 5: Beginning Driving Training – Teaching the horse to long-line; Importance of good hands; Increasing the level of difficulty; Long-lining in a halter; Side reins; Bit problems
  • Chapter 6: Advanced Lessons in Long-lining – Teaching the horse to flex at the poll
  • Chapter 7: Teaching Your Horse to Pull – Introducing the cart
  • Chapter 8: Hitching Your Horse to the Cart – Ground driving
  • Chapter 9: The First Drive – Problems and how to solve them; Worst case scenarios; Loping while hitched
  • Chapter 10: Advanced Driving Skills – Refining the gaits and steering; Tightening the rein check; Elevating the front end; Introducing the blinker bridle; Introducing the cavesson noseband; Other equipment
  • Chapter 11: Showing Your Miniature Driving Horse – Is your horse show quality; Picking the proper class; Equipment for the show ring; Choosing your show clothes; Preparing the horse for the class; Class procedures, showmanship, and etiquette
  • About the Author
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Training Miniature Horses for Showmanship Book Pat Elder Small Horse Press

In How to Train Miniature Horses for Showmanship, Pat Elder provides everything needed for an exhibitor to succeed in this popular Miniature Horse class. From choosing your Showmanship horse, to training, conditioning, and understanding the classes and associations, to training yourself.

Pat covers all the Showmanship positions, and coaches readers in acquiring the proper attire and tack for these classes. Rounding out this valuable resource, the author includes tips for first-timers, and the many things that can go wrong to sabotage a performance.

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Train Miniature Horses for Liberty Classes Pat Elder Small Horse Press

Train Your Miniature Horse for Liberty Classes is Pat Elder's top-selling handbook about training Miniature Horses to show in liberty classes; published by SmallHorse Press. Soft cover, perfect bound. Fully illustrated with photographs and diagrams. 

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